The benefits of Ai in Healthcare

How Ai is delivering transformational benefits in healthcare The word “artificial intelligence” or Ai immediately connotes the future. It implies a world where machines converse with one another within an ecosystem that transforms the way we live and function in our day-to-day lives. Manufacturing robots, bot nurses, smart assistants, robotic vacuum machines, Alexa, Google Home,

How Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of healthcare

Today, digital tools are the norm in every facet of life. A step forward from this is artificial intelligence or Ai as it is popularly known. The potential of Ai in transforming the manner in which we function as human beings is phenomenal. IoT and other machine learning solutions are pointers to this fact.  Healthcare

Why Mammography is important for women after 40?

Over 40? What you should know about Mammography Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women today. Moreover, it has been noticed that incidence of breast cancer in women increases substantially around the age of 40, which is twice the number as compared to women between 35 to 39 years. While this may look

Simple ways you can live a long, healthy life like the Japanese

Japanese lifestyle tips for longevity It is no secret that the Japanese live long, healthy lives. While the average life expectancy across the world is 72.6 years, in Japan it is 84.6 years. So how do the Japanese do it? Is there a formula or an approach to life that helps them live not just