Why Mammography is important for women after 40?

Over 40? What you should know about Mammography

Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women today. Moreover, it has been noticed that incidence of breast cancer in women increases substantially around the age of 40, which is twice the number as compared to women between 35 to 39 years. While this may look alarming, one of the ways to ensure a healthy future for women above 40 is mammography at least once a year. 

It is recommended that women at normal risk for breast cancer should get yearly mammograms after they are 40 years and each other year beginning at age 55.

Regular screening can significantly bring down the mortality due to breast cancer in women. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) acknowledges an increase in the total number of lives saved and years added to life in women who make mammography screening a mandatory part of their annual health check-up. 

What is Mammography?

Mammography involves using a screening tool called a mammogram to eliminate/detect breast cancer and other breast diseases. It is both a diagnostic and screening tool. Along with regular clinical exams, mammograms are key to detecting breast cancer.

Today, the medical technology behind mammographs has advanced considerably. Digital mammography and it more futuristic counterpart – 3D image-based mammography gives higher clarity and enables earlier diagnosis, putting the patient on the road to recovery. Screening mammography also identifies any breast changes in women who have no signs/side effects from the norm or display any breast variations. The objective of screening mammography is for early detection of cancer even before the clinical signs are visible.

The new-age mammogram equipment is designed with a “patient first” concept – to deliver a less painful, comfortable experience during screening, ably assisted by professional and caring healthcare staff.

Ai-based digital Mammography – A significant step in early breast cancer detection

While breast cancer screening with the help of mammography has improved the prognosis and contributed to a higher recovery rate due to early detection, sometimes the cancers have been missed on screening mammography and suspicions have turned out to be non-cancerous. In such a scenario, how can one be 100% sure? More importantly, how can radiologists and oncologists rely on a screening tool that will enable them to chalk out a diagnosis-treatment-recovery map for their patients?

The answer can be found on an advanced, new-age mammogram tool based on artificial intelligence (Ai). Ai-based algorithms in mammography screening are accurate, provide the much-needed clarity and pave the way for a much earlier diagnosis. The Ai image-based screening can recognize abnormalities associated with cancer and differentiate them from non-cancerous findings. Ai provides not only better and earlier cancer detection but also presents improved efficiency for radiologists. Ai images also detect breast density, can provide reduced image file sizes for improving cancer detection.

An Ai based mammography also provides clarity on the level of a woman’s breast density. This is a crucial piece of information since dense breasts are also considered a risk factor, especially for women with a family history of breast cancer.

An Ai based screening can also help reduce the review time of the breast images by identifying clinically relevant areas and showcasing the important features. Through a system of “smart slicing” and retaining critical image detail, the image volume is reduced by as much as two-thirds. This means saving radiologists and specialists one hour of screening results interpretation time on a daily basis! Moreover, since Ai collects all relevant data related to the patient (background, risk factors etc), it enables a more personalized screening plan for patients.

How does Mammography benefit women above 40?

  • Reduces the risk of breast cancer. 
  • Helps in early detection of breast cancer and enables higher chances of recovery.
  • Helps get insights about general breast health
  • When caught early, localized cancers can be removed without the need for breast removal (mastectomy)
  • When cancer is detected early it is confined to one area. There is a higher chanced of recovery and more treatment options to choose from.

A few things to keep in mind

Mammography can say your life. Early detection of breast cancer reduces fatality risk by 25% -30% or more. 

It’s absolutely safe. Mammography is a quick procedure and discomfort is minimal. Today with Ai image-based mammography screening, the experience is less painful and caters to your comfort throughout the screening. 

It does not take much time: A Mammography screening takes only 20 minutes. The entire process is comfortable and, in some centres, you can collect your digital reports on check out.

Choose the best quality: An Ai image-based Mammography will give you and your doctor the complete picture, enables early detection and complete clarity on your breast health. 

Do not use an antiperspirant or deo: Before a Mammography makes sure you do not use any perfumes or antiperspirant as this can interfere with the screening and not produce the desired results.

If you are a woman over 40 years of age, it would be a good approach to view Mammography as a friend at hand to help you live a healthy and happy life. Today, with advanced medical technology, the entire process can be reassuring, comforting and puts you on the road to health.