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Ai Health Screening

Strike the DISEASE before it strikes you

NURA is a collaboration between Fujifilm Healthcare & Dr Kutty’s Healthcare, bringing you the best of Ai enabled Imaging and expert Healthcare.

We’re bringing a Global Health Movement to India

Countries all over the world use regular screening programs to detect cancers and lifestyle diseases. Screening helps healthy, asymptomatic people find these diseases at an early stage, where their risks can be lowered, and effective treatment is more likely.

A 120* mins screening program that lets you stay in control of your health

Our screening program helps you address concerns you might have about your health. We test for the most common cancers and lifestyle diseases in men and women, so that you’re not caught off guard by an unforeseen health risk.

Our advanced Imaging Technology lets us do more with less

Our Ai-assisted devices from Fujifilm allow us to deliver intelligent scanning and predictions at ultra-low doses of radiation. This means that you’re always screened using optimal amounts of radiation, allowing for safe and regular screening.

A space that puts you at ease

Our centre is designed to be comfortable and contemporary. Our warm service staff is always available to help, and our personalized screening experience will make you feel at home.

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NURA is a unique experience designed to put you first

Gender-specific screening packages.

Our packages include tests for the most common cancers and lifestyle diseases in men and women.

Reports that are easy to understand.

You receive a comprehensive health report on the same day that you won’t need a doctor to decipher for you.

Interiors you’d love to spend time in.

Walk into a luxurious space that’s unlike any other healthcare centre you’ve experienced before.

Digital health records.

Access your health records anytime through our website or app.

Independent opinions you can trust.

Our doctors provide you with an objective diagnosis based on our AI-enhanced screening tests.

Excellent post-screening support.

Our strong network of partners help you complete the cycle of care.

The Trust of Japanese Technology

Japan has consistently been a world leader in technology and innovation. Our Imaging machines from Fujifilm use Cutting-Edge technology to take the next big step in health care.

Internationally Recognized Evidence

Our screening tests are based on clear, effective evidence. Our healthcare professionals advice you based on screening tools recommended by Japan/US/EU Governments.

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