Keeping your business healthy

We help your business sustain a healthy and productive workforce, in a way that it empowers your employees.

Our specialised corporate screening packages are mutually beneficial for both employees and employer. It can be added to your existing benefits or offered as standalone.

Powered by Fujifilm, our radiology based preventive screening tests leverage the combination of deep learning and our heritage in image processing. These tests help your employees identify their health risks for common cancers and lifestyle diseases before their symptoms start to appear. To put it simply: prevention is better than cure, in more ways than one!

Early detection allows your employees to modify their lifestyles and prevent diseases or receive successful and cost-effective treatments.

How does it help you as a business?

People are the greatest asset to a company. Active-AI Screening helps your employees plan around health risks rather than be caught off-guard by them. This reduces absence by illness and boosts the productivity of your business. At the same time it shows that you care for your employee and brings in a sense of belonging. Realising the value of Screening, businesses across the world have been encouraging their employees to participate in this global health movement.

How does it help your employees?

An Active-Ai Screening routine equips your employees with accurate information about their health status. This motivates them to adopt healthier lifestyle habits, receive successful treatment and perform up to their full potential.

Designed for convenience and accuracy

120* Minutes

Screening for common cancers and lifestyle diseases in 120* minutes.

Report & Consultation

Results on the same day. Our specialist GP will take you through your personalised health report along with a full set of test results and scans.

A Premium Experience

An exclusive experience built on decades of Japanese expertise and hospitality.

Advanced Imaging Technology

Ai enhanced technology for safe and accurate screening at ultra-low doses of radiation.

Nura helps your employees perform to their potential

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