The benefits of Ai in Healthcare

How Ai is delivering transformational benefits in healthcare The word “artificial intelligence” or Ai immediately connotes the future. It implies a world where machines converse with one another within an ecosystem that transforms the way we live and function in our day-to-day lives. Manufacturing robots, bot nurses, smart assistants, robotic vacuum machines, Alexa, Google Home,

How Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of healthcare

Today, digital tools are the norm in every facet of life. A step forward from this is artificial intelligence or Ai as it is popularly known. The potential of Ai in transforming the manner in which we function as human beings is phenomenal. IoT and other machine learning solutions are pointers to this fact.  Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging: A Game Changer

The very mention of AI or Artificial Intelligence in healthcare makes most of us picture a humanoid doctor treating us. So, how close are we to this scenario? Well, it seems we are almost there.  Journey of AI in Medical Roadways: So far, So good! Since starting from the very first AI project, the Dendral

Health & AI: Understanding the Changing Dynamics of Modern Healthcare

Over the years, we have witnessed an incredible amount of progress in modern healthcare technology, and Artificial Intelligence is all set to be the next big step in the field of medical diagnosis. Artificial Intelligence describes the ability of computer programs and machines to mimic human intelligence. But the moment we hear the term “artificial